Archival Corrugated Multi-Use Board
Archival Corrugated Multi-Use Board

Archival Corrugated Multi-Use Board

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Archival Corrugated Multi-Use Board is available with standard light blue-gray on one side and white on the other. Developed to provide strong, rigid panels meeting archival-quality requirements at a moderate price level, this high-quality board has passed several stringent testing standards for permanence. 

The paper used to manufacture these panels is acid-free, lignin-free and buffered against acid migration. A moisture proof potato starch adhesive of neutral pH is used for corrugating. Fabricated in single-wall B Flute (1/8" thick), double-wall BB Flute (1/4" thick), and single-wall E Flute (1/16" thick) construction. 


  • 100% bleached alpha cellulose
  • No recycled or wooden fibers
  • No optical brighteners
  • Kappa level: 1 - 2 = lignin-free (TAPPI T 23 om-99)
  • pH cold extraction: 8.0 - 9.5 (TAPPI T 509 om-02)
  • Alkaline reserve (buffered) >3% calcium carbonate
  • Adhesive: Potato starch, pH 7.0, moisture proof
  • ANSI IT 9.16 / ISO 14523-1999 (PAT test)
  • ISO 9706 (Permanency requirements for paper)
  • ANSI / NISO Z.39.48-1992 (Permanence for paper in Library and Archives)

Archival Corrugated Multi-Use board may be used in a variety of applications:

  • As a backing board in framing and packaging
  • As custom stock for making boxes, trays, protective folders, custom storage enclosures and displays
  • As support panels for work in conservation labs and print workshops
  • As shelf lines, divers or as an artists material


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