TitanStrongBox™ - Standard Grade- Lined
TitanStrongBox™ - Standard Grade- Lined

TitanStrongBox™ - Standard Grade- Lined

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TitanStrongBoxes™ offer plywood strength without the weight, cost and shipping expense of a wooden crate. Every box comes with three layers of foam protection in a strong, humidity resistant corrugated container.  

Lined TitanStrongBoxes are fortified with hard ABS Puncture-Guard Liners affixed to the inside top and bottom of the box. Testing shows these liners provide the pack with the puncture resistance of 3/8” plywood ensuring extra safety for the shipping of valuable artwork.

The foam protection includes one perforated layer sandwiched between two layers of convoluted (egg carton) foam. Easily customize the middle layer by centering your frame on top of the middle layer of foam and mark the four corners with a marker.  Remove the frame and tear out the perforated squares within the parameters you outlined, making sure if you are in the middle of a perforated square, to always tear one square smaller rather than larger.  This way your framed artwork is hugged in place on all four sides and snugly encased by the foam. Multiple layers provide superior shock absorption.
Titan StrongBoxes provide an inexpensive and reusable art shipping container suitable for land and air transit, with excellent damage survival qualities to withstand the rigors of ground, truck and air courier handling.
TitanStrongBoxes Standard Grade are available in over a dozen sizes to accommodate a wide range of artwork sizes and are manufactured with ECT test 44 Singlewall and ECT 61 Doublewall corrugated depending upon the particular size.

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