Glass Skin
Glass Skin

Glass Skin

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Our Glass Protection Tape, Glass Skin® is a perfect solution for "in transit" glass protection. The extra-wide, low tack adhesive "tape" applies quickly over clean surfaces while providing large coverage in one application. 

Glass Skin reduces the possibility of damage to your artwork in the event that shattering or breakage of glass occurs while in transit. If the glass shatters, it remains secured to the Glass Skin and away from your art. 

Because of its wide widths, this product offers substantial time savings, and unlike other masking or poly tapes, it is easily applied and removed. Off-white in color with a rubber-based, pressure sensitive adhesive that will not leave a residue.*

*Tests on Museum Glass® and Conservation Clear Glass® by TrueVue®, White Water® and UV Clear® by Denglas® as well as ordinary picture glass confirm that Glass Skin® is safe to use and should be removed no later than 4 months following application.

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