Marvelseal 360
Marvelseal 360

Marvelseal 360

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Marvelseal® 360 is a widely accepted barrier film for protecting art and artifacts in shipping and storage environments and in conservation. 

It resists transmission of off-gassing from wooden surfaces and vapors, gases, water, pollutants, light, moisture and insects. It is a multi-layered material comprised of aluminum foil sandwiched between transparent nylon and heat-sealable polyethylene. 

Use it to line the inside of wooden crates, display cases and shelves. Easily create protective shipping and storage bags, anoxic (without oxygen) pouches for treating insect infestation and sealed framing packages. Opaque, puncture and tear resistant, flexible, conformable, cuts with scissors, easily welds to itself and hard surfaces with the application of heat (350 degrees, 40 PSI for 1 sec). Can be stapled or taped. We stock the unprinted version. 

Thickness: 5 mils

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